BMW Bylaws

1.       MEETINGS

A.      Monthly

The breakfast meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month of the calendar year, except when the first Thursday conflicts with the beginning of the academic school year and/or the school year’s holiday calendar.  In the case of such a conflict, the meeting will automatically move to the second Thursday of the month.

7:15 a.m.              Networking with other members, (coffee is available)

7:40 a.m.              Breakfast buffet is available

7:55 a.m.              Meeting is called to order

9:00 a.m.              Meeting is adjourned

  • Members are requested to wear name tags at each meeting
  • A copy of the agenda will be available to each member at the meeting
  •  copy of attendance records will be available at each meeting
  • A business card holder is present during each meeting.  Members are encouraged to keep their individual compartments stocked to enable each member to keep her own B.M.W. card case up to date.
  • One meeting in each quarter will be made available to an outside guest speaker.  If a member has a suggestion for a guest speaker, please submit to the Vice President.
  • Two meetings in each quarter are made available for a presentation by a B.M.W. member, except for the last quarter of the year.
  • Space is available for displays by B.M.W. members in coordination with the Vice President at all meetings except at the June and December meetings.
  • Members are encouraged to act as speakers to better explain their product or service.  This is an excellent way to promote one’s business interest to a friendly and attentive group.
  • One meeting in each quarter will be devoted to the business of the organization
  • Minutes and attendance record of the previous meeting shall be distributed to the members prior to the next meeting.

B.      Annual

The December meeting will be the annual business meeting.  No speaker will be scheduled and invitation to guests are not permitted.  Members intending to bring business forward for discussion should notify the President in advance so that their subject(s) can be noted on the agenda.  The invoices for the annual membership will be distributed to each member along with the minutes of the December meeting. 

Agenda/Discussion Items:

  • The Bylaws and Guidelines will be reviewed and any proposed changes will be discussed and voted upon
  • Officers for the following year will be elected
  • The Chair of the Nominating Committee will conduct the elections and appoint scrutineers.
  • The membership fees for the coming year will be discussed and approved.

C.      Bylaw and Guideline Amendments

A task force may be appointed, at the discretion of the Executive Committee, to review the By-Laws and Guidelines.  Such Task Force, if appointed, will report to the Executive committee and the Executive committee will bring forth its recommended changes to the membership. 

Any suggested changes to the Bylaws and Guidelines must be submitted in writing to the President by the October meeting.  They are distributed to the members with the minutes from the October meeting.  The agenda for the November meeting will include a discussion period for the suggested changes.  The proposed amended Bylaws and Guidelines will be distributed to the members along with the minutes from the November meeting to be voted on at the Annual Meeting.  There is no requirement that the Bylaws and Guidelines be amended annually.


Maximum membership will be at 50 members.

Full membership means absence from not more than 3 meetings in a calendar year, participation at meetings, other activities, and a willingness to seek and to fulfill the duties of office.  It is understood that we will try to do business with eh other and to promote each other professionally whenever possible.  Membership is the person not the company.

There will be a mentoring system in place for new members for the 1st two months of them joining to orient them into the group.  Their mentor will be the recruiting member.

If an existing members changes categories, they must resign in their current category and re-apply for the new category.  If hat category is already filled they must go on the waiting list.

A.      B.M.W. Directory

The Membership Coordinator will compile and update the “B.M.W. Membership Directory and name and address list” and distribute it at the February meeting.  Membership information is to be regarded as privileged and for members’ reference only.

B.      Eligibility for Membership

Members should be in executive or decision-making positions within their respective firms

Membership is limited to one member per category or classification of goods or services provided.

  • The Membership Coordinator is responsible for maintaining the “Membership Business Category Listing”, presenting any new categories to the membership and screening prospective members for conflicts with other member categories.
  • In dealing with proposed new member categories, any concerns of existing members regarding a proposed new member category should be expressed to any member of the Executive. The Executive is responsible for contacting any member that is not in attendance who may have a potential conflict.  The final decision of the eligibility of new members is left up to the Executive.
  • The business categories listed are the approved B.M.W. Membership Categories.  If a member resigns the position the category remains approved and a new member may apply for that position to the Membership Coordinator.  In cases of several applications, the first application received by the Membership Coordinator will be accepted. 
  • When a new unapproved category is requested, a formal written profile will be mailed to the membership and the proposed category will be announced at the next monthly meeting.  If approved, the category is then added to the Business Directory.  The final decision of the eligibility of the new members is left up to the Executive.

C.      Application Procedure

A guest is welcome providing the “Business Category” that they are applying for is approved and vacant.  Guests cannot attend the December meeting.

Members interested in bringing a prospective member as a guest must notify the Membership Coordinator in advance of any meeting to which they propose to bring the guest.

The membership Coordinator will send an invitation and the BMW Profile Form to the prospective member.  The prospective member is responsible to complete and return to the Membership Coordinator prior to attending the meeting.

There is no membership application fee, however, the guest fee is $20.00 per meeting.  It is the responsibility of the inviting member to see that this fee is pain to the Treasurer.

A guest may attend up to two meetings before deciding whether or not to become a member.

D.      Fees

Membership fees for the first year are higher as they reflect start-up costs for processing the new membership, the BMW Photograph and the BMW name tag.

The annual membership fees are prorated quarterly and include the monthly breakfasts, Website profiles and access to the BMW business card file.  Membership fees are reviews on an annual basis; any changes to the annual fees are put to a vote by the membership.

Membership fees must be paid in full by February 28th in any given year to maintain membership in the organization.

E.       Membership Responsibilities

Since each member’s business category is unique and protected within this organization, members must adhere to the BMW attendance standards and regret that leaves of absences cannot be granted.

Members who miss 3 meeting in a calendar year, without sending female representation from their business, will be receive a letter from the Membership Chair advising that they are required to attend all meeting to the end of the year or their resignation will be automatic on the next missed meeting and the business category will be declared vacant and open.  No fees will be refunded.  A substation from the members company can be sent to replace the member but no more than 3 meetings in a calendar year.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Executive Committee may exercise its discretion to grand an exemption to this requirement where the member has been absent for legitimate reasons such as family tragedy.  In choosing to exercise its discretion, the Executive may take into account whether the member notified the Secretary in advance with respect to her absence.  Responsibility lies with members to report in writing to the Executive.

The resignations of members in good standing will be accepted and with regret and fees paid for any remaining full quarters of the year will be refunded.

The number of meals ordered for each meeting is based on the assumption that all will be present.  Members must notify the Secretary at least 48 hours before a meeting if:

  1. A guest (previously cleared through the Membership Coordinator will be attending or
  2. The member, herself, is unable to attend.

Members are responsible for their profile content on the BMW Website and are responsible to submit profile changes to the Membership Coordinator.

F.       Social/Founding Member

  • The social/founding member is an honorary “Social Position”.  The number of participating Social/Founding members is restricted to no more than 10% of the full membership.  The criteria for the position are:
  • The member must be a founding member and/or held an Executive position.
  • If the member is in conflict with any other member category, the Social Member will not be allowed to Network their business.
  • The position is a voting membership
  • The fees are the same as the current membership fees.
  • There are no restrictions on attendance


The BMW Executive is made of the following position:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Recording Secretary
  • Membership Coordinator
  • Treasurer
  • The position of Past President is acclaimed.

Annual elections will be held at the December Annual Meeting.  Executive positions are for a one (1) year term commencing January 1st in the following year.

The President shall announce the election at the October meeting, call for nominees and coordinate the   functioning of the Nominating Committee by charging the chairperson of the Committee to conduct the nomination process during the month of November.  The Past-President shall chair the Nominating Committee.  A nominating form will be mailed to the members along with the minutes of the October meeting.

The Nominating Committee:

  • Consists of the most immediate Past Presidents.  If one is not available, Past Presidents shall be asked to participate in the receding order;
  • Polls the membership, not including the current executive, to find one member willing to be nominated for each executive position;
  • Collects names of other nominees and /or volunteers as they come forward to be added to the slate of nominees;
  • Conducts the election by secret ballot at the Annual Meeting according to standard election procedures; i.e. posting the nominees names in writing and asking for further nominees from the floor 3 times;
  • In the event of only one (1) nominee for a position, the chairperson shall announce that that position if filled by acclamation;
  • Each position will be voted upon in order from President through to Treasurer;
  • Members may elect to either be nominated to more than one position and/or let their name stand for a subsequent position should be unsuccessful in a preceding position.  In that case, the chairperson shall call for nominee’s intent in this matter prior to proceeding to the vote for the next position;
  • Current executive members may put their names forward for the same position or another position of their choosing.


  • Sets and distribute the agenda in coordination with the Vice-President
  • -Chairs the general and Executive meetings
  • Requests approval of the meeting minutes
  • Monitors and ensure compliance with the Bylaws and Guidelines
  • At the May meeting, requests volunteer(s) for Fund Raiser Chair, also to be sent out with the minutes
  • At the May meeting, call for charity nominations, reviews Charity presentation guidelines and provides the membership with the “Charity Requirements”.  These should also be detailed in the April minutes.
  • At the June meeting, identifies the Fundraising Chair and coordinate the Charity presentations and the vote for the Charity selection for the fundraising event for the following year.
  • Requests approval of format for the annual fund raising event at the September meeting
  • Oversees nominating committee for annual election at October meeting and ensure that it is in place
  • Strikes committees or task forces as required and delegates to such committees or task forces as necessary, appointing a chair of said committee or task force who reports back to the executive committee and any such committee or task force may include at least one member of the executive Committee.
  • Acts as a diplomat for BMW


  • Arranges all speaker and meeting programs
  • Arranges meeting location and breakfast
  • Chairs meetings in the absence of the President
  • Coordinates social and education activities
  • Maintains the historic record of the London BMW events and highlights
  • Arranges flowers for outside speakers.

Recording Secretary:

  • Compiles and mails minutes at least one week prior to the next meeting
  • Handles all correspondence (including recognition of events significant to members)
  • Accepts regrets and notification of guest attendance
  • Provides the restaurant the BMW meeting attendance count
  • Ensures attendance is recorded at each meeting
  • Monitors attendance records and includes with the distribution of the monthly meeting minutes
  • Reports attendance records to the President
  • Arranges a substitute to take the minutes in the event of absence
  • Ensures that the large BMW Charity Cheque is updated and available for the annual Fundraiser

Membership Coordinator:

  • Maintains membership records
  • Coordinates communications with members and prospective members as required
  • Screens guests to prevent business conflicts, solicits required information from prospective members and upon membership approval collets membership fee for the Treasurer.
  • Provides a new member with a copy of the bylaws and written confirmation/welcome note with a copy to Executive, upon payment of fee distributes member profiles in the December minutes for changes
  • Annually updates and distributes the list of approved Business Categories and the membership directory including the name and address list in February
  • Facilitates new member orientation to BMW and the member
  • Distributes new member profiles periodically through the year
  • Notifies the Secretary of any new potential member attending the meeting
  • Collects the breakfast fee from the potential new member attending the breakfast, with the exception of a potential new member attending with a BMW member, in which case the current member is responsible to submit breakfast fee to the Treasurer, whereas the BMW member is


  • Collect fees
  • Pays bills
  • Maintains financial records and reports monthly to members
  • Prepares and submits the financial statement budget as soon as practical after the New Year
  • Prepares annual membership invoices to be mailed out in November minutes
  • Provides annual fund-raiser financial data of the previous year to the event coordinator for preparation of the new event budget

Immediate Past President:

  • Will attend Executive meetings to provide continuity and assistance
  • Chairs the Nominating Committee
  • Along with the Nominating Committee, reviews membership and makes nominations for BMW Executive after November meeting in accordance with the bylaws.
  • Conducts the annual elections at the December meeting in accordance with the bylaws


There is generally one fundraising event per year, normally held in the first quarter of the year.  The President is responsible for requesting approval for: the selected Charity, the Fundraising Chair and requesting approval for the event.